Glen Sutherland, Electrical Contractor

Cree Independent Owned Company

"Getting the job done right the first time!”

Glen Sutherland is a dedicated, determined individual who is also very friendly with a great sense of humour. Glen has acquired 17 years of experience ranging from electrical apprentice to foreman electrician. As of December 2012, Glen has secured his electrical contractor license and is ready to work hard, innovate, and persevere in the electrical field. Glen’s passionate in his electrical work and he takes great pride of his top quality workmanship. Glen’s dream to open his own electrical contracting company assisting Aboriginal Communities in a safe and professional manner is in full realization.

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Glen Sutherland

  • Glen Sutherland, owner of GPS Electrical, is originally from the James Bay cree community-Fort Albany First Nation, ON. He recently accomplished his lifelong goal of attaining his Electrical Contractor License in December 2012 and is ready to work hard, innovate, and persevere in the electrical field as a contractor.
  • Glen has acquired 17 years of experience ranging from electrical apprentice, foreman and now contractor.
  • Glen’s effort and attention is to fulfil Aboriginal community needs and requirements in a safe and professional manner.
  • Member of the Ontario College of Trades
  • He is a dedicated and determined individual who is also very friendly with an exceptional sense of humour.
  • Glen’s passionate in his electrical work and takes great pride of his top quality workmanship.
  • Glen provides services in a safe and efficient matter and will not cut corners. Glen’s motto is to “Get the job done right the first time!”

Jennifer Sutherland

Office Manager/Supervisor, Power of Attorney for GPS Electrical, and wife to Glen.
Roles and responsibilities: payroll, accounts payable, conduct staff meetings, workshops on work and industry related topics.

Helene Jackson- General Office Clerk

“Hello, Bonjour, Kwé, Watchiya. My role at GPS Electrical is General Office Clerk and I am the first contact person. I would be more than glad to take your call or even provide you with answers to your questions. Looking forward to serving you as a client. Do not hesitate to drop by to say hello.

Shanna Metatawabin, BBA

Job Title: Business Development Officer
Hello Everyone, I am the business development officer for GPS Electrical which involves many different roles related to helping the business grow. I have been working with Glen Sutherland and his wife Jen since the beginning phases of GPS Electrical and I must say it has been challenging and enjoyable. We have a great team here who all share common values such as honesty, respect, and all strive to provide top quality electrical services for all of Northern Ontario. Any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve our services to your community is greatly appreciated.

Peter Quedent, apprentice

Info soon to be provided

Services Provided

  • Changing electrical panels from fuse to breakers
  • Upgrading electrical services
  • Installation of surge protection
  • New electrical installations and renovations
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Machinery wiring/motor control
  • New fire alarm installations and upgrades to existing fire alarm systems
  • Lighting systems installation
  • Electric heating furnaces, baseboards and convectional heaters


  • Communicates in the Cree language with clients and the community at large
  • Dedicated and determined individual
  • Very knowledgeable and professional
  • Great negotiation skills, is flexible, and is able to conceptualize and follow detailed plans precisely
  • Works very well independently or as a team member
  • Has undergone all the required training and is thoroughly familiar with all the various codes and laws
  • Throughout Glen’s 17 years of experience in the electrical field, Glen has firsthand experience in tackling large commercial projects and has a proven track record of completing projects on time and on budget and will continue to do so

Mission Statement

GPS Electrical is an Aboriginal based independent electrical contractor business that offers top quality service in a safe and professional manner. GPS Electrical thrives to provide electrical needs for First Nations communities.

Vision Statement

Five years from now, GPS Electrical will be one of the top grossing electrical contracting companies in Northern Ontario by consistently providing a top quality service in an honest, friendly, and respectful manner.


"He has been very professional, and of high integrity. He has always kept his word, and is prompt, courteous, hardworking and efficient. His work has been of top quality and flawless. I will use his services again in the future when the need arises, and I give him my highest recommendation to those looking for an electrical contractor."
"I have retained the services of Glen Sutherland for a number of projects requiring specialized electrical services. On every occasion, he has performed his duties exactly as required and agreed upon. I would highly recommend Glen in any roll that requires a master electrician. He is punctual, fair and reliable."
"Having worked with Glen on several projects that he was responsible for the installation of electrical panels, wiring and lighting, I highly recommend Glen for any electrical project that he or his company is being considered for. Glen is reliable, organized, has excellent communications skills and is knowledgeable in his field. Glen is a team player and works well with others to ensure that the projects are completed to everyone’s satisfaction. At all times I found Glen to be honest and courteous."

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